Shut Up Sanford: Stewart Begs The S.C. Gov To Zip It (VIDEO)

As Jon Stewart pointed out last night, Mark Sanford is the luckiest man in the world: After confessing to an affair that could kill his political ambitions, several celebrities died (including the King of Pop) and his indiscretions were pushed off the front page...Until he gave a lengthy interview to the Associated Press in which he confessed to making out with a bunch of women and gave away juicy details of his Argentinian love.

"God killed Michael Jackson to save your ass and you gave another interview?!?" Stewart screamed. He proceeded to show clips of Sanford's constituents begging him to shut the hell up, and chastised the governor for acting like a 16-year-old pining after the girl who kisses with tongue.

He suggested Sanford stop reading aloud from his "Hello Kitty diary," saying, "The rest of us are not supporting characters in your erotic adventure."


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