08/07/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Steele On Palin: "2012 Off The Table"

At a loss to explain Sarah Palin's resignation after months of putting herself in the spotlight, many pundits -- particularly conservatives who support her political career -- have suggested the Alaska governor is working on a 2012 presidential run. But Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele said, in no uncertain terms, that it simply can't happen.

"Not having talked to the governor, I take 2012 off the table right now simply because given everything she's going through personally, dealing with the financial mess that all these ludicrous investigations have put her and Todd in, at the moment, I think she's trying to focus on getting her house in order, her personal house in order," Steele told FOX News.

"I look forward to welcoming her out and helping us in our campaigns this fall if and when shes ready to do that. Sarah Palin will be the ultimate arbiter of when she will engage and how she will engage," he said.

Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) concurred.

"I like her a lot. But I think it will be very difficult for her to run in 2012 given everything's that's gone on the last nine months," he said, referencing to the ongoing drama regarding Bristol Palin, who gave birth to a son, Tripp, in late December, and the baby's father, Levi Johnston.

A sizable number of Republicans -- but less than a majority -- seem to agree that it's not a good idea. According to a Rasmussen poll, 40% think the resignation hurts her chances of winning the nomination in 2012.

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