08/16/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Franken's First Time Around: Comedian-Turned-Senator Questioned "Clarence Thomas" In 1991 SNL Sketch (VIDEO)

This isn't Al Franken's first Supreme Court confirmation hearing. In 1991 he appeared in an opening sketch on "Saturday Night Live" that mocked Clarence Thomas's appointment process and those involved. It featured Tim Meadows as Thomas and Dana Carvey, Phil Hartman, Kevin Nealon, Chris Farley and Franken as his questioners.

Suffice to say Franken was a lot more ridiculous the first time around. He played the perpetually bow-tie-clad senator from the great state of Illinois, Paul Simon, and spent the majority of his time asking Clarence Thomas how to get a date:

Sen. Paul Simon: Um, Judge? Judge Thomas? Judge Thomas, are you aware of that, uh, division of our government known as the, uh, Criminal Justice, uh, Department?

Judge Clarence Thomas: Of course I am, Senator!

Sen. Paul Simon: Well, you know when you walk in the main entrance of the Criminal Justice Building.. there's this receptionist with short brown hair?

Judge Clarence Thomas: The, uh.. one at the third desk on the left?

Sen. Paul Simon: No, no. The one at the big, circular desk, uh.. right there in the center there.

Judge Clarence Thomas: Oh, yes - Sandy.

Sen. Paul Simon: Yes. Sandy. Um.. do you think that she'd go out with me?

Judge Clarence Thomas: Well, Senator Simon, not knowing your technique, I feel that it would be unfair for me to prejudge your chances with her.

Sen. Paul Simon: Uh-huh. Uh.. you think it's the bow tie, then?

Sen. Joseph Biden: Senator Simon. Please.

Sen. Paul Simon: Women just don't seem to like the bow tie, do they?

Sen. Joseph Biden: Senator Simon. Please!

Sen. Paul Simon: Uh, sorry. Sorry.


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