08/20/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Weekend Late Night Round-Up: Harry Potter, Barbara Walters, The Pope, And More! (VIDEO)

Welcome back friends! While the weekend is already becoming a faded memory as we face down dreaded Monday, one thing remains clear: The Weekend Late Night Round-Up!

This weekend was the anniversary of one of mankind's coolest achievements: landing a man on the moon. Normally we wouldn't mock something as grand as this, but those geniuses at NASA left us no choice when they revealed that they accidentally erased the original and iconic landing footage to make space for new tapes. Yes, they deserve this.

Bill Maher has been off for the last three weeks, and so he was aching to wade back into the thick of all the juicy political events he's missed, particularly the made-for-Maher GOP sex scandals involving a conservative Christian "frat house."

The Soup and Conan got in on some Harry Potter action because, well, it's really impossible to resist. Conan's Harry Potter moves are pretty fantastic. The Soup did what they do best: use it to rag on The Real World.

Also, Barbara Walters was shocked, shocked, by the movie Bruno. There were just way too many penises for her to deal with.

There's so much more!


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