Gibbs Asked About UFOs On C-SPAN: "I Take Your Question Seriously"

This morning on C-SPAN, White House Press Secretary Gibbs fielded an unusual question about goverment transparency. The questioner wasn't concerned with CIA reports or white house visitor logs. The latest alleged cover-up? UFOs.

"My question might seem a little bit silly but it's very serious and I was wondering if you could take it very seriously." Ryan from Seattle said. "Let the American people know the truth about UFOs..."

With a hint of a smile Gibbs responded. "Well Ryan I take your question seriously, not simply because of the topic but also because if you're calling from Seattle and it's a little after 7 here... it's a little after 4 in the morning there." Gibbs paused. "Look... I have not been briefed on whether or not there are... the existence of UFOs, I haven't talked to the President about this topic."