08/24/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Paula Froelich's Big Page Six Lesson: "Celebrity Is Fleeting"

Ultimately, then, what has she learned from "Page Six"? "I bought a house in the Catskills once, where this woman had lived for many years, and I cleaned out her stuff. And in the attic were 30 years of National Enquirers. And going through, you learned an instant lesson: Celebrity is fleeting. Most people, if they're lucky, can get on the cover of the Enquirer for a one-to-three-year span, and then they're done. The only person from ten years ago the Enquirer is still interested in is Oprah. And Julia Roberts. She's on the downswing. At this point, she could kill a cat and maybe get on, but otherwise they're like, "Whatever, Julia.' "

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