08/25/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

David Frum And Ann Coulter Get Into Spat Over Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin's days as Alaska governor are nearly over, but that doesn't mean the debate over her place in the Republican Party and her merits as a politician have lost any of its intensity. Case in point: on CBS's "The Early Show" Saturday, former Bush speechwriter David Frum, conservative author Ann Coulter and Republican strategist Bay Buchanan got into a heated debate over whether or not Palin had damaged her future by resigning or whether she was, as Coulter claimed, still more popular than Obama and too talented to be stuck being Alaska's governor.

In perhaps the best line of the day, Frum dismissed Coulter's argument about Palin's popularity by saying, "Michael Jackson is also a bigger story than the president of the United States, but the American people aren't going to vote for him."