08/27/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hillary Clinton Talks Health Care Reform On "Meet The Press": Situation "Different In Several Ways" From 1993 (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton gave a lengthy interview to David Gregory on Sunday's "Meet the Press," and despite her new role as Secretary of State, she seemed eager to also discuss health care reform, a cause that has defined her political career.

Clinton feels very optimistic that a bill will be passed this year, she said, in large part because she sees the situation as very different from the one in 1993, when she tried and failed to reform health care:

Oh, it is. It's different in several ways. It's different because I think everybody's now convinced there's a problem. Back in '93 we had to keep making the case over and over again. Well, now we know costs will continue to rise. For everybody who has insurance, there is no safe haven, their costs will go up. We lose insurance for 14,000 people a day. We know that our system, left unchecked, is going to bankrupt not just families and businesses, but our country. So it is a central concern of President Obama and our administration.


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