09/24/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Capture The Recession: New Pics From HuffPost Readers

What does the recession look like to you?

When the recession hit, you didn't have to read the the unemployment numbers to know that the economy was taking a beating. You could see it in the shuttered houses down the street and the local stores going out of business.

But more than a year after the housing crisis began, the changes the recession brought about are beginning to blend in, to feel normal. So we've asked photojournalists around the world to capture the recession, to document the communities that have come together to support one another, and the hardship and desolation caused by the economic meltdown.

You see the everyday changes brought on by the global economic slump. How has life changed in your community? What are the indicators that things aren't the same? Feel free to get creative!

What does the change look like for you and your community? Submit your photos to our Capture the Recession Flickr group. Once you have a Flickr account (you can register here for free), join the HuffPost's Capture the Recession Flickr group, then add your uploaded photos to the group pool. Please include a caption and location for each photo that you submit and feel free to get creative with pictures of the secondary effects of the recession.

Capturing the Recession: Gentrify Us, Please!