09/27/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

What's Good For Giuliani Is Good For Democrats?

The whispers about Rudy Giuliani running for governor have been getting louder in recent days, just as Governor Paterson has stumbled through gaffe after gaffe.

One would think the entry of "America's Mayor" into a race against an "accidental" governor with a large disapproval rating, a dysfunctional state senate, and a philanderer for a predecessor would spell trouble for the Democrats' chances of retaining the Governor's Mansion.

Not so, say two very different political figures, for two very different political reasons.

According to Al Sharpton, Giuliani's presence in the race would only serve to rally the base around Paterson.

Sharpton tells Politicker NY, "The best thing to happen to the Democratic Party and David Paterson in many areas of the state, particularly downstate, is the threat of Rudy Giuliani."

Meanwhile, Mickey Carroll, whose latest Quinnipiac poll has Cuomo topping Giuliani in a hypothetical head-to-head (and Paterson getting crushed by Rudy), says such a situation would play well for the Attorney General.

"A strong Republican... makes it imperative that the Democrats nominate a strong candidate," says Carroll.

As sources say the ex-mayor will not announce his decision until after the mayoral election (upsetting some members of the GOP), it's simply a waiting game for every player involved.