12/04/2009 08:43 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

LEGARRETTE BLOUNT: Oregon Football Player Punches Out Byron Hout After Game (VIDEO)

LeGarrette Blount, Oregon's troubled running back, shocked the football world last night with a blindside attack on an opposing player after the Ducks' upset loss to Boise State.

Blount, who was suspended earlier in the year, went ballistic, sucker-punching Byron Hout after he knocked his pads and seemingly talked some trash. Hout momentarily fell to the ground as Blount continued his rampage, taking a swing at a teammate and going after fans in the crowd. Coaches and players on both teams tried to restrain Blount, and were only finally able to get him off the field with the help of security and police.

While some are calling for Blount's suspension, if not banishment, from the team and sport, others are asking what exactly Hout said that caused such a scene.

Blount apologized for his actions today, saying:

I just apologize to everyone that was watching this. I just apologize to all of our fans, all of Boise's fans. I lost my head. ... A few guys wished me a good game, a few guys pushed me and I just kind of lost my temper.

Any disciplinary action has yet to be decided, but you can believe that it will be severe.