11/10/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Pilfered Playboy Returned To Bar

It was a no-questions-asked affair.

A man walked into The Fifty/50 bar in Ukranian Village Wednesday night with a 1970s Playboy and walked out with a more recent issue, this one signed by the cover girl, and a $100 gift certificate.

Scott Weiner, 28, who co-owns the bar and the old Playboy, had offered the trade to anyone who would return the family heirloom after it was mysteriously stolen last week from a glass case in the men's room.

The May 1970 issue featured Phyllis Babila partially covered in a red sheet. It was part of an extensive Playboy collection Weiner inherited from his uncle.

In return for the classic, Weiner traded an autographed copy of the May 2009 issue featuring Miss May, Crystal McCahill, a Chicagoan and bar regular.