11/27/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Manila Flooding: How You Can Help

Typhoon Ondoy dropped one month's worth of rain on the Philippines in a single day. Flooding in Manila has forced millions out of their homes and rescue teams are working around the clock.

Huffington Post Impact is working to collect a comprehensive list of links and ways to get involved in relief efforts, detailed below.

NOTE: We will continually be updating this page. If you have more information about how people can get involved in relief efforts, leave a comment or e-mail us at

Latest Info: Google has compiled an extremely helpful list of emergency numbers and groups in the Philippines who are accepting donations. It also includes a broad view of the map displayed below.
•Help the UN World Food Programme by making a donation. This program identifies families in specific need of aid. Just $18 provides a family with rice for two weeks. This is the most critical and immediate way you can make an impact.
•UNICEF has already provided $143,000 worth of relief to affected children in the region. You can call 1-800-4UNICEF or donate via their Philippines Floods page.
•Call the Philippine Consulate General at 646-4620 or the Filipino Community of Guam President Alex Gagaring at 483-2539. They can tell you how you can help and where to send donation checks.
•The Pacific Daily News of Guam recommends writing a donation check to the Filipino Community of Guam — put "Calamity Fund" in the memo line.
•Filipino blogger Manuel L. Quezon III has compiled an impressive list of ways people can help, both locally and internationally.
•Plain and simple — donate to the International Red Cross and help them continue to put relief workers on the ground in the Philippines.
•Donate via Catholic Relief Services online or call 1-877-HELP-CRS
•If you're in the area and have access to a computer, you can update the interactive Google Map which is dedicated to impacted areas. Check it out below.

Updates from the ground can be found on IHaveNet, a Filipino news site. If you're in Manila and have photos, you can send them to GMANews, who will post them on their site and on Facebook.