11/28/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pizza Hut Donates Food For Tweets

Pizza Hut, the company that consistently finds new and innovative ways to hide cheese in a pizza, is now putting that cheese to good use by feeding the world's hungry.

The pizza chain has pledged to donate four meals (up to 100,000) via World Hunger Relief for every person that retweets a message with a link to their Pay Pal donation page and the hashtag #pizzahut.

Check out the original tweet:

pizza hut tweet

The 100,000 meal donation is part of a larger campaign by Yum! Brands (the nutritional dynamos who also own KFC and Taco Bell) heralded by spokesperson Christina Aguilera. Since the World Hunger Relief project began in 2007, the group has donated more than $37 million dollars to the UN's World Food Programme, which helps deliver food to those in need around the globe.

We've got until October 31 to get 25,000 retweets of this message. Tweet on!

P.S. If you still hate Twitter and refuse to sign up, you can always go ahead and donate directly to World Hunger Relief.