12/02/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Funny Or Die's Insurance Company Parody Draws "Response" Video

For your viewing enjoyment, here's a "response" video to the Funny Or Die "Protect Insurance Companies" fake-PSA from last week. Response videos can be funny! This one, sadly, reminds me of that time when a bunch of people attempted to glom on to Saturday Night Live "Lazy Sunday" video by making "responses" that weren't as funny, at all. It's called "the Law of Diminishing Returns," and it's something that anyone who's uninsured can appreciate, in the moments before their deaths from eminently treatable diseases.

Anyway, there's little attempt here to address the underlying point of the original, which was that those crafting the health care reform bill were beholden to lobbyists from the major insurance companies. The overall point to this "response" is a reinforcement of Galty anti-tax oversimplifications and a generic, don't listen to celebrities, instead listen to people like AHIP and record-setting grifters like Rick Scott instead. On the substance, the "response ad" points out that groups like PhRMA and health insurance lobbyists have been meeting with White House officials and Nancy Pelosi. That's a good point! Of course, this was the very thing that the original video underscored.

Elsewhere, you get fearmongering about how America will run out of doctors if we attempt to insure everybody, so a few tens of millions of you will have to go on making your noble sacrifice for the rest of the country. WE MUST RATION HEALTH CARE IN ORDER TO SAVE IT, FROM RATIONING! And of course, there's the requisite moment where they just start lying, like when they suggest that "71% of physicians disagree that the public option will provide better quality care at a lower cost." They have this precisely reversed: Physicians "by a large majority, support adding a government run health insurance program that would compete with private insurance."

But hey, the guy aping Jon Hamm's vocal tics is pretty good at it. Probably a huge Mad Men fan!


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