03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Joe Scarborough Mocks Plouffe's Use Of Stem Cell Research To Defend Obama's Record (VIDEO)

On the "Today Show" Tuesday David Plouffe defended President Obama's record in office so far by pointing out a number of things he has achieved. One of the ones he mentioned was his effort to expand stem cell research. This may seem like a logical thing to mention in the president's defense, but as far as Joe Scarborough was concerned, this was hardly worth bragging about.

Scarborough: If I can just interrupt here. I am sorry, this guy. Ok my house is on fire, it's burning to the ground, I'm running from room to room trying to get everybody out ... And he's talking about stem cell research? That is what's wrong with Washington, D.C. Republicans do it, they're like, over here, over here, gay marriage, gay guys in Iowa are getting married! The house is burning to the ground. We've got Plouffe on The Today Show going, stem cell research, stem cell research! And they have turned Wall Street over to the same characters that ruined Wall Street. But that's what he's doing-- he's fighting for stem cell research. You feel better about that?

WATCH it here, starting at the 8:11 mark: