Rihanna's 'Russian Roulette' Video: In A Nude Bra, Bloody (WATCH)

**Scroll down for screen grabs, we're working on getting the video**

Rihanna's 'Russian Roulette' video has surfaced, and it looks like it comes from a pretty dark place. It tells the story of a more depressing, less naked bad romance than that of Lady Gaga. In the video Rihanna is a hooded prisoner, bleeding from the neck in a chair, dancing in a gas chamber and finally floating in the water as bullets pierce through her neck. 'Grey's Anatomy''s Jesse Williams plays her bloodthirsty love interest.

'Russian Roulette' is part of Rihanna's new album, "Rated R," which drops Nov. 23 and is the first album she has released since the Chris Brown beating. Rihanna has said that recording the album was such an emotional experience she had to leave the studio at times to keep from breaking down.

The video was supposed to debut on tonight's '20/20' but was leaked online a few hours early. Chris Brown debuted his new video, 'Crawl,' on 'The Wendy Williams Show' this morning. It shows Brown gazing at billboards of the girl he loves and crossing deserts to find her then failing to reel her in.


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