03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Octomom: I Didn't Want To Destroy My Frozen Embryos

Nadya Suleman is the subject of a New York Times Magazine piece pegged to the filming of a documentary called 'OctoMom: Me & My Fourteen Kids' by a British film crew.

Suleman will receive a quarter of a million dollars for allowing her family to be filmed for 11 days. Like the depressing fiasco that was her two-hour Fox special, which aired in August, Suleman's latest media appearance, she maintains, is the only way she can support her 14 kids.

"I made these choices out of the midst of being in survivor mode," she explained. "I think 99 percent of people would have made the same decision."

Suleman also refutes longstanding rumors that she has had plastic surgery in order to resemble Angelina Jolie (she blames pregnancy weight gain for her peculiar facial changes) and defends her decision to transfer every last embryo she had frozen for IVF, after she already had six children.

"You don't understand," she said. "If you have these frozen embryos that are there, and they were writing you letters saying, We are charging you this much, and it's going up and up and up every month that they are stored -- you can either use them or destroy them. You're like, O.K., I have six already. What's another? And maybe it won't even work. So, I just decided to take the chance because I didn't want to destroy the embryos. That was the main focus -- not like: 'Oh, gosh! I really want eight!' People were thinking, 'Oh, she wanted so, so many.' No!"

You can read the entire NYT Magazine piece here.

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