03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Obamas Pick Family And Sports Over DC Parties

Everyone in Washington wants to hang with the Obamas...but if your name's not Sasha or Malia, and if you don't play sports for a Windy City team, you might want to make other plans. WWD took a look at the first couple's social life, and it seems that so far, they've stayed away from the DC scene:

"People are speculating where they'll go first. They've gone to Valerie Jarrett's house, but that was a family affair," says Lee, referring to the home of the President's closest senior White House adviser. "And the President went on his own to George Will's for dinner," she adds, referring to the conservative columnist who was also the first to entertain Nancy and Ronald Reagan when they came to town. "But so far, the Obamas haven't started to go out together to private events."

They have, however, held a handful of notable events in their own home, from their series of musical nights to having White House staff and their family members over for movies. And, as Michelle told NBC's Jay Leno, the couple sometimes manages to fit in a game of tennis.

Michelle also put on a party for high school girls in March:

When the President was out of town, the First Lady threw her own brand of White House dinner party, mentoring high school girls over dinner and entertainment in the East Room. BET's Lee remembers: "Everyone was giggling because we had taken over the White House."

The party started in the morning when she and other prominent women including Penny Pritzker, actress Kerry Washington and Google vice president Marissa Mayer were invited in for coffee. "We were then sent out in pairs to speak at local high schools, and later invited back for dinner. Each table had three mentors and seven girls, all recommended by their school principals. Sheryl Crow and Alicia Keys sang."

If you can't make a date with Michelle or Barack, there's always White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers and her two aides, Ebs Burnough and Joseph Reinstein, who are often said to be out-and-about on The Hill.

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