03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Who's Got The Best Burger In LA?

While 2009 might best be remembered as the year of the gourmet food truck in Los Angeles, it can also be argued that this was the year that the lowly hamburger captured the imagination of the city. From upscale bistros like Comme Ca, to the half-century old shack that is The Apple Pan, animal-style 4x4s to sliders, the burgers to be found across LA are as diverse as the 2am crowd at Tommy's. And sure enough, talk of an Umami Truck suggests that the two great food trends of 2009 might converge in 2010, the implications of which truly boggle the mind.

UPDATE: Eater LA reports that the Umami truck will start serving THIS WEEK, but with a catch!:

"As it stands, the truck is expected to be stationed outside Fred Segal in Santa Monica through the rest of 2009 and once Umami at Fred Segal opens, the truck will start making rounds on the west side"

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