03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tim Donaghy, Allen Iverson Feud: Disgraced Former NBA Ref Made Calls Against Nuggets In Retaliation For Iverson's Criticism

In an interview with 60 Minutes Sunday, disgraced former NBA ref Tim Donaghy shared the secrets of his lucrative NBA betting operation. In the interview, Donaghy told CBS that he bet against the Nuggets, because he and other refs talked openly about retaliating against Iverson for publicly criticizing officials.

The AP reports on Donaghy's methods:

NEW YORK -- Disgraced former NBA referee Tim Donaghy says he refused to make calls to affect games even if it meant he lost money and it angered the mob.

In one game where he bet on San Antonio, he ejected coach Gregg Popovich midway through the first quarter and the Spurs eventually lost the game. That drew the ire of the mob, which reportedly lost money using his tip.

"I just told them that I wasn't making calls in games to influence the outcome," Donaghy said in an interview on "60 Minutes" that aired Sunday night on CBS. "And I'm not going to be able to obviously predict the winner every night, and they have to accept that's what's going to happen."

Donaghy insisted he made wagers on NBA games based on his knowledge of other officials' biases for and against certain players and teams, and that his officiating was not compromised -- a claim that was backed up by the FBI.

"Watching the tapes, we could see there was never anything outlandish where he called a foul or he omitted a foul because he wanted to see a certain team win" retired FBI special agent Philip Scala told the news show. "We never saw that."

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Donaghy on Iverson:

He [Iverson] had threatened one of the officials and the NBA fined him $25,000. We felt he should have been suspended. We [NBA officials] felt as a group that he should have been suspended. Because he wasn't, we felt like we would teach him a lesson.

Watch the 60 Minutes interview below: (Iverson segment starts at 5:40)

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