03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Activist Mother Found Life Calling In Helping Others, Son Writes

From Harvard to homemaker to octogenarian activist, the mother of New York Times contributor David Tuller has dedicated her life to serving others, he blogged on the newspaper site Friday.

Amidst a tumultuous marriage and the search for second career, Judith Tuller has found solace in throwing herself into activism for the causes and people she believes in.

My father was a brilliant physician and a decent man, but his drug habit dominated our family life...To preserve her equilibrium, she funneled her energy and passion into political and social causes. She fought for integrated housing and civil liberties, and she infused my sister and me with her progressive spirit. We marched, we chanted, we stuffed envelopes. In November of 1969, when I was 13, we froze together during an all-night anti-war march from Arlington National Cemetery to downtown Washington.

To read Tuller's full post about his mother's life of activism and how she continues to inspire him today, visit the New York Times.

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