03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Greta Van Susteren Jokes Lay-Overs, Talks Murdoch On "Craig Ferguson" (VIDEO)

Greta Van Susteren appeared on the "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" Wednesday night, where she joked about getting "laid-over" in St. Louis and admitted that she's only met Rupert Murdoch one time.

Van Susteren told Ferguson that she raided his green room for toiletries — and didn't know whether her shirt was black or blue — due to her hectic travel schedule and a bad packing job, which prompted the two to talk travel.

"You ever been to St. Louis?" Ferguson asked.

"Yeah, of course, I've been laid-over in St. Louis," Van Susteren said, to Ferguson's amusement.

"You've been laid-over in St. Louis six times?" he asked. "Why, Greta, you surprise me!"

Van Susteren would later say she's only met News Corp boss Rupert Murdoch once in her eight years at Fox News.

"I met Ted Turner a couple times when I worked [at CNN], but I've only met Rupert Murdoch once," Van Susteren said.

Ferguson asked if Murdoch was like "The Simpsons" character Mr. Burns.