03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Palin Work Emails Sent On Personal Yahoo Account, Obtained By Paper

The Alaska Dispatch obtained copies of work-related emails sent by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin early in her administration -- on a personal Yahoo account. The emails show the governor frustrated by the Alaska bureaucracy.

Read the whole story here (site currently down.)

One email reads:

"all this back and forth with some of the people whom i have chosen gets pretty frustrating, especially knowing there are still people on board like (Mike) Chambers and others who have to be replaced,'' Palin wrote in a characteristic style of random capitalization and punctuation. "it should be easier than it is [for] Mike -- for me to say I want to hire someone and then they get hired. "we've hired people I don't even know, people who have adamantly opposed me and my agenda - and i would be an idiot for trusting them now, and yet we have a lot of people out there who WANT to work for a new administration who are just plain losing faith already.''

Palin's email account was hacked in October 2008 by the son of a Tennessee Democratic state representative. Palin has been criticized for using private email accounts to conduct state business.

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