Brett Favre Talks Ass Slapping, Admits Botching 'Pants On The Ground' (VIDEO)

Brett Favre caught some fans off guard last week when he led a stirring rendition of "Pants on the Ground" after beating the Cowboys in Minneapolis. As a result, Larry Platt, the original genius behind the song, visited the Vikings in New Orleans and sang to them at a team meeting. One of the more striking aspects of the Favre footage, however, was the quarterback's enthusiastic (and loud) ass-slapping bout.

Thankfully, Fox's Pam Oliver asked the hard-hitting questions in an interview with Favre that aired before the start of the NFC Championship game today. First, Oliver asked him about the production. Favre said he told his team before beating Dallas last Sunday that if "we win this game, I'm gonna lead us in 'Pants on the Ground' afterwards."

Oliver challenged the caliber of Favre's performance, saying, "You kind of jacked it up though." The Vikings QB pulled no punches, admitting to his sins. "I did, I choked," he said.

Then the Fox reporter asked him about the butt-slapping. Favre shared the secret to his technique, explaining that "you don't want to cup it. You want to smack it." Scroll down to watch a clip of the illuminating interview.