Christian TV Show Gets Fresh Prince'd AGAIN (VIDEO)

The past couple weeks have seen an onslaught of videos of a Christian TV station getting pranked during the email segment of its call-in show. And while we loved the use of "The Fresh Prince" for a prank, we began to feel a little bad for these guys. Then they were Rickroll'd and our moral quandary became irrelevant due its hilarity.

Since then, the networked has beefed up its security. The show's hosts repeatedly tout their groundbreaking anti-"Fresh Prince" technology (the delete button), and even seem to have brought on a "Fresh Prince" expert (the first host who was pranked). He's clearly studied up, as made clear by his description of the sitcom's premise, which he referred to as the story of "the black guy."

Extra security or not, some emails will slip through the cracks. With so many inspired "Fresh Prince" fans, it's bound to happen. So without further ado, here's everyone's favorite Christian TV station getting Fresh Prince'd again.