03/27/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jane Fonda To Release Exercise DVD For Babyboomers

Jane Fonda, 72, will get babyboomers to feel the burn with her new exercise DVD scheduled for release in 2011, the Telegraph UK reports. Fonda has already filmed 23 workout videos, written 5 workout books and lent her voice to 13 audio programs. Her 1982 "Jane Fonda's Workout" sold 17 million copies.

Fonda made her last video in 1995. She suffers from osteoarthritis and had to have knee surgery last year. She also had a hip replacement in 2005. But she has big plans for her new DVD and hopes it will inspire her age group to stay or get in shape.

Fonda attributes 30 percent of her good looks to sports and a healthy lifestyle:

"I owe 30 per cent to genes, 30 per cent to good sex, 30 per cent because of sports and healthy lifestyle and for the remaining 10 per cent, I have to thank my plastic surgeon. I'm happier, the sex is better and I understand life better. I don't want to be young again."