Jon Stewart Blasts GOP Candidate For Comparing School Kids To Stray Animals (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart took some time to thank South Carolina last night for the comedic gold it's provided the show (again). From Mark Sanford to Joe Wilson to a guy who had sex twice with the same horse, the state has provided a plethora of material. The most recent of which has been Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer, who Stewart referred to as "a nightmare."

Bauer recently compared public school kids who get free lunches to stray animals, basing his logic on what he learned from his "ignorant" grandmother. Stewart mocked the reasoning, impersonating Bauer: "She couldn't read. Brushed her teeth with a rock. Taught me everything I know."

Making the case that the solution to poverty is starving the poor so they don't reproduce, Bauer was not helping change South Carolina's image. Said Stewart: "You keep giving them a chance, and they keep fucking that same horse."