03/31/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 New Site Will Tell You Why You Suck (PICTURE)

If you've ever wondered what people really think of you, now you can find out.

A new site,, provides a forum for your friends to point out your faults, whether it's what a cheapskate you are, or how poorly you listen.

Users create a profile, then ask people to leave 'anonymous constructive criticism about your character.' A banner that reads 'What do I need to work on?' invites others to leave their critiques.

Once friends dish about all the ways you suck, you can sort their 'constructive criticism' into three categories ('I knew this about me,' 'I had no idea,' 'I totally disagree').

Your friends can also debate your various faults with a feature that lets people comment on others' comments. For example, let's say one buddy calls you boring. Another friend might agree ('Totally dull'), then another could come along and counter, 'Really boring, but the B.O. is the real problem.'


Mashable explains how the site works, and how it's set up so that you can assure you're getting feedback from people who actually know you:

We think it's brilliant. Not only is this the ultimate test of ego versus curiosity, the system is also set up in such a way that you can limit the ability for people to anonymously ask you questions by restricting it to people who actually know you. How does that work? You can require submitters to answer a question that only people that actually know you can answer. That immediately makes the trolling aspect of these kinds of services much more difficult.

The site is still a work in progress, but you can sign up to be notified of the Beta launch on' site.

See a screenshot from below. Then tell us: what do you think?

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