04/03/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

New York Inn: New York's Dirtiest Hotel (VIDEO)

Times Square may have been Disneyfied , but it's still home to the dirtiest hotel in New York.

The New York Inn has been named the country's 6th dirtiest hotel by, making it the only New York hotel to hit this year's "Dirty List." Last year another Times Square hotel, the Carter Hotel, took top prize.

Gems from the comments section include:

The place was absolutely CRAWLING WITH MICE - you could literally watch them scurrying around the hallways and i woke to found one chewing on our (threadbare) carpet.

i joked to my roomate that this place is a crackhouse, sure enough when looking to plug in tv (it wasnt working) there was paraphenalia laying underneath the bed.

Worst experience ever! Roaches everywhere! One so big he could have helped me bring my suitcase upstairs, and the room and washroom were full of them as well! All around dirty!!!!!

A reporter for the New York Post took a tour of the dirty digs on 47th Street and 8th Avenue to see if the title was well-deserved: