04/04/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Michael Vick Talks Dogfighting, Returns To Crime Scene (VIDEO)

'The Michael Vick Project' premiered tonight on BET, giving the controversial quarterback an opportunity to open up about the dogfighting crimes that have haunted his career. During the half-hour episode, Vick revisited the property that once hosted Bad Newz Kennels, the dogfighting ring that hosted more than 70 dogs and led to Vick's imprisonment.


Vick spoke of the contrast between his public image and his private life during the dogfighting years. "I was living a double life. The dogfighting operation was getting bigger, and it was spiraling out of control," he said. "I would fly home to Virginia every Tuesday on my off-day, just to check up on my dogs and fight the dogs."

Before long, his ring mushroomed into a major operation. "Bad Newz Kennels was becoming one of the top dogfighting kennels in the world. It went from 20 dogs to 68 dogs."

After his property was first raided by investigators, Vick was not too worried initially. "I'm thinking, I can get myself out of this situation. Money will get me out of this situation," he said. But once he was indicted, it became clear to him that he faced a serious problem.

Vick talked about the emotional toll his jailing had on his family. "My daughter started crying.... My mom cried the entire week prior to me turning myself in.... I cried all the way to the jail. I cried so much my face was swollen by the time I got to the jail."

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