08/30/2010 01:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Ask Sophie!' LIVE VIDEO Event, Happiness Expert, Sophie Keller Answers YOUR Questions

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We've wrapped up our discussion on 'How to Find Your Ideal Partner,' but you can still check it out in our video recap below! Here, Sophie tackles some of our readers' toughest questions like: how to survive Valentine's Day while single, how to pursue love in difficult economic circumstances, and what to look for in an ideal mate.


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5 Tips To Surviving Valentine's While Single

Like many of the made up holidays Valentine's Day can be pretty tough going if you aren't in a relationship. For some, it can enhance a sense of loneliness or serve to make you feel unloved. But really, the healthiest way to deal with it is to put those 24 hours in to perspective. (You'll probably be asleep for about 8 hours of them anyway, so that already narrows it down to 16!) Here's how.

Why Sleeping Separately Is Good For Some Relationships

So keep in mind this 'sleeping separately' business isn't for everyone. It certainly isn't for you if you sleep beautifully with your partner and you are brilliantly compatible while you are asleep. However, if there is any form of incompatibility -- they snore, hog the sheets or keep you up in any other way -- and you have tried everything to remedy the situation, then maybe you might want to think of sleeping in separate rooms.

How Happy Is... 5 Reasons To Express Your Emotions

Non-communication is the biggest cause of upset. Relationships break up over of it and wars start because of it. However, if you can learn to communicate in a balanced way, two individuals, in their right minds, can always come to an agreement. Here are some reasons why you want to let it all out immediately, regardless of what you've been used to.

How Happy Is... 5 Fears Of Getting Pregnant, Dispelled

My philosophy was always that when my husband and I had created an exceptionally stable backbone as a couple, we would then be ready to bring a new soul in to the world. But first thing was first, we had to be so tight that whatever was thrown at us we would be able to handle as an unbreakable team. Then, when the time was right, we would have a baby. But, even in saying that, it is natural to have fears of getting pregnant and I, like many other women, have had to deal with the following fears and now having had a baby, am in a position to help dispel them.

How Happy is... 3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Relationship

Are you overly critical when you're in a relationship? Do you make too many demands of the other person? If you do, then these tips can help you love your partner for who they are, not who you want them to be. Each relationship you are in is an opportunity for you and your partner to help each other grow and to learn from one another. Here are three ways in which you can improve your existing relationship, or, if you're single, any future relationship in which you might find yourself.

How Happy Is... 5 Tips For First Time Dads

Some of you might have noticed that I disappeared off the Huffington Post for three months and that is because I just had a baby, who is now three months old. So with Father's day coming up, I wanted to give a few tips on how to be a good 'first time' Dad. However, even if you are not a new Dad you might find that there are one or two tips that you can take home too.

How Happy Is Your Home? 5 Tips To Better Sex And Sleep In Your Bedroom

Most of us spend at least a third of our lives in the bedroom. It's where we withdraw from the world and rejuvenate. If we experience a sense of harmony in there, we have a much better chance of coming out in to the world in a balanced way, which will, in turn, affect how we go about our day, how much energy we have and how we communicate with others.