04/12/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Scott Lee Cohen's Political Future: 'Leaving All My Doors And Windows Open' (VIDEO)

Scott Lee Cohen announced Sunday that he would step down as the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor, and since has been making his rounds on television and radio stations in what appears to be an effort to salvage a political career.

On Wednesday morning, Cohen appeared on NPR's Eight Forty-Eight, where he re-answered a lot of the same questions he has been asked in recent weeks: Was he really transparent from the beginning of the campaign about his past? Did he hold a knife to his ex's throat? Does he think he can have a political career in the future?

Cohen seemed slightly frustrated, reiterating that everything was "on the table" when he decided to run and that the allegations made by his ex-girlfriend and convicted prostitute Amanda Enemam were false. As for his political future:

"Let me say this: I'm leaving all my doors and windows open, and we're going to see what's out there," Cohen said.

Cohen also appeared on WTTW's "Chicago Tonight" Tuesday night, where he was asked why he hadn't yet filed the paperwork needed to officially withdraw his nomination. He said he was working on it.

Cohen said he might not have withdrawn if the media had not "harassed" his family. Cohen told "Chicago Tonight" host Phil Ponce that members of the media had been calling his children on their cell phones and showing up at their schools.

He also discussed his conversation with Illinois Democratic Party Chairman Michael Madigan, and said that much of what the media has been reporting about their conversation is "not accurate" and that Madigan never outright told him to step down--just mentioned that his continued presence in the race could damage the ticket.

Watch the "Chicago Tonight" interview here: