04/13/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Twitter Cofounder Biz Stone Plays Nutty Professor To Promote Twitter In 2006 (VIDEO)

Back in 2006, Twitter (then known as Twttr) was an up-start, little-known microblogging site.

In this 2006 video called 'Twttr 101', Twitter cofounder Biz Stone dons a "nutty professor" getup (geek glasses, faux-accent, white-board, and all) to, presumably, promote the site and explain what it does.

"Twitter is a social texting service based on the contents of your mind and it works with your cell phone and short code 40404," the video explains, as a busy Biz draws diagrams on the white board. "And then it goes to each and every one of your many, many actionable friends, including those that like Frappuccinos, and even those who have flat tires."

Stone crams a lot of chittering into 43 seconds, and although it's hard to make out each word, the hilarious and catchy ad certainly sticks.

We wonder: what would the 2010 version looks like?


(via Mashable)