04/17/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Scottish Rugby Fan Drops Kilt On Live TV (VIDEO)

Scottish rugby fan Keith Davies has become a controversial YouTube sensation after dropping his kilt on live TV.

The incident occurred on a live segment of the BBC show 'Wales Today' in the buildup to a rugby match between Scotland and Wales. According to reports, the BBC received at least 50 complaints about the fan's exposure. A Wales Today spokesperson told reporters: "Unfortunately one rugby fan got carried away with the moment."

Police are reported to be investigating the incident, and Davies may be charged for indecent exposure.

Max Boyce, president at Glynneath RFC, the rugby team Davies belongs to, told the BBC he believed the kilt-drop was an accident.

"There was a bit of a silence afterwards, I don't think he knew it was on air," he said. "He just put the kilt back on. It was instantly put back on."

The live video was quickly posted on YouTube where it received over 60,000 views before being taken offline over the weekend. One viewer commented - "This is why I love the Scottish."