04/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Editorial Cartoonists Angry At David Gregory, 'Meet The Press' (VIDEO)

"Does 'Meet the Press' host David Gregory love cartoons but hate cartoonists?" editorial cartoonist Rob Tornoe wrote Monday. "It sounds ridiculous, but it would at least explain why he has a fondness for showing their work without giving them credit."

Tornoe is angry over what he says is a pattern in which Gregory uses cartoonists' work to illustrate a point but does not give them credit.

On Sunday's show, for instance, Gregory used a cartoon by the Denver Post's Mike Keefe.

"Here's a cartoon that captures the nexus between government and weather," Gregory said introducing the cartoon (see video below).

"Gregory didn't bother to name the cartoonist, highlighting a large double-standard when it comes to political cartoonists as pundits," Tornoe wrote. "We're like Rodney Dangerfield; We get no respect!"


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A "Meet the Press" spokesperson told Editor & Publisher that the show would have no comment on the matter.

UPDATE: "Meet the Press" now says it will credit cartoonists going forward, telling TVNewser:

"We love cartoonists and cartoons which is why we like to show them on 'Meet the Press.' So often they perfectly capture and get to the heart of the matter. Not mentioning the cartoonists by name has been an completely unintentional oversight and we promise we will give them all the credit they deserve moving forward."