04/20/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

G-Spot Mouse Could Heat Geeks Up (PHOTOS)

Designer Andy Kourovets has created a sexually suggestive computer mouse that puts some XXX in tech.

The fire-engine red mouse, called the 'G-Point mouse,' is reportedly inspired by the female anatomy.

Clicking 'the spot' (a red oblong button at the front of the device) navigates the user to 'a preselected favorite destination or runs a certain application,' Hot Hardware explains.

The concept creation has inspired no shortage of jokes and jabs.

'Thanks to Mr. Kurovets, the clueless of the world have an unprecedented opportunity to experience in plastic something they'll never touch in person, at least perhaps not without a valid Visa account,' says Hot Hardware. BlackBookMag has compiled a list of '11 Inevitable Jokes About The G-Spot Mouse,' which include 'Will WoW addicts know how to use it, or even what it is supposed to be? They're going to be so frightened and confused,' and 'It won't work right unless you buy it perfume and remember its birthday.'

See the device for yourself below.

gspot mouse
gspot mouse