Wii Curling Game (VIDEO): Play Winter Olympic Sports On Your Wii

Has watching the Winter Olympics made you hungry for a piece of the action? If so, Wii curling could be for you.

Deca Sports' Wii game lets users practice their curling moves on the Wii.

Christian Science Monitor explains how the Wii curling game works:

Wii curling, one of several virtual events packed into Deca Sports, can be a tiring experience. After giving your digital curling stone a solid push, you must shake the controller at paint-mixer speeds. But don't get overzealous, or the pixelated stone will drift off target.

However, according to Christian Science Monitor and GameSpot, Deca Sports' Wii curling game is 'is apparently not a good game'--reviewers at GameSpot gave it 3.5 out of 10.

There are a multitude of other Winter Olympics sports that can be played on the Wii, such as We Ski for Wii, or the Shaun White Snowboarding game for the Wii.

Check out the videos below to see Wii curling in action--as the top clip shows, it's something short of graceful.