04/27/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Chicago Cubs, White Sox On The Olympics: Lindsey Vonn Is Hot (VIDEO)

In the final days of the 2010 Winter Olympics, many are sad to see their favorite ice skaters, ski jumpers or curlers go--but Chicago baseball players have not gotten too attached.

NBC Chicago spoke with some of the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox during spring training in Arizona Thursday, and most were pretty clueless about the Olympics.

Ryan Dempster was the only player able to name some of the Chicago Blackhawks who played for the U.S. Olympic hockey team, and mentioned that his teammates were "not very smart."

When asked about Olympic skeleton, Sox pitcher Bobby Jenks replied: "Skeleton? I know who Skeletor is."

While their knowledge about obscure winter sports was spotty--some of the guys agreed on one thing: Lindsey Vonn is quite attractive. "I think she's hot," Cub Kevin Millar said. "I told my wife that."

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