McConnell Complains About Imbalance Of Time Allotted (VIDEO)

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) got a bit steamed an hour and a half into Thursday summit over what he felt was an imbalance of speaking time being given to Democrats.

"Mr. President," the Kentucky Republican said, "can I just interject one quick point here. Just in terms of trying to keep everything fair, which I know you want to do. To this point, the Republicans have had 24 minutes, the Democrats, 52 minutes. Let's try to have as much balance as we can."

This suggests, quite clearly, that McConnell has assigned a staffer today to actually time the length of each person's speech. Which is a bit bizarre, though perhaps necessary. Even President Obama acknowledged that McConnell had a point -- though he did so unapologetically.

"You're right," said Obama. "There as an imbalance on the opening statements because... I'm the president and I didn't count my time equally."

Later, Obama quipped, "I hope that Mitch doesn't give me a time clock."