05/01/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

U.S. Students In Chile Accounted For

Many American students studying abroad in Chile were awakened with a jolt early Saturday morning, but so far all are reported to have escaped harm from the event.

University of Oklahoma student Will O'Donnell was in Vina del Mar, 500 kilometers from the earthquake's epicenter. In a column for the Oklahoma Daily, he writes:

Luckily, Vina del Mar fared rather well; the majority of the damage consisting of broken windows, twisted concrete and a few cracked foundations. Only five deaths and 10 to 15 disappearances have been reported in the fifth region of Valparaiso. Replicas, or aftershocks, could be expected for the next 20 days to two months. Already there have been some 57 reported aftershocks, most of which we have been able to feel all too well.

The roundup of reports from our college partners:

Two George Washington University students are safe in Santiago.

Six University of Colorado-Boulder students have been contacted.

One Yale student is accounted for.

Three University of Pennsylvania students are safe in Santiago.

All those in the country with Notre Dame affiliations have been accounted for.

One University of Massachusetts-Amherst student is safe in Santiago.

University of Hawaii-Manoa students took photos of the tsunami that never came.

According the Institute of International Education, Chile was the 19th most popular study abroad destination 2007-2008.

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