05/11/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tea Party Anti-Health-Care Circus To Collide With Actual Circus, Elephants

Next week promises to be an exciting time on the streets of Washington, DC. In case you haven't heard, March 16 will be the day of the Tea Party's "Surge Against Obamacare!"

There will be marchers, and tri-corner hats, and someone will draw a Hitler mustache on the "budget reconciliation process," and maybe someone will key the word "RINO" in Scott Brown's truck, for voting for socialist jobs! Also, health care opponents will be "storming" the Cannon, Longworth, and Rayburn Office Buildings.

What the Tea Party folks maybe don't realize is that their rally is on a collision course with another circus that's coming to town on the same day, namely, the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey one. And while health care reform's naught-nauts are fanning out across Independence Avenue, the actual circus will be straight-up strolling down Washington Avenue, past the Bartholdi Fountain, with a mess of clowns and elephants!

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents Zing Zang Zoom is coming to the Washington, D.C., area for five weeks of thrill-filled, mind-blowing circus spectacular where family fun is no illusion. To kick off the show, Zing Zang Zoom's biggest stars will march on Capitol Hill in red, white and blue with special guests; the Washington Nationals favorite Presidents Teddy, George, Abe and Thomas. Saluting both the Capitol Dome and Washington Monument, the elephants will parade up 3rd Street N.W./S.W., making a stop on the National Mall.

So, yeah, next week, this town is going to be packed with more clowns than a Gathering Of The Juggalos. It will all be worth it when Sean Hannity takes to the airwaves and announces that Obamacare was crushed to death by a hundred million elephants.

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