05/12/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Prince Philip's Strip Club Gaffe: Asks Navy Cadet If She Works In Strip Club

Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh and husband to the British Queen, has added another mighty gaffe to his tremendous history of verbal blunders.

The Duke was talking to young cadets for the British Navy in Exeter, when he asked one girl, Elizabeth Rendle, where she worked.

Rendle, who works as a bartender in a nightclub, recounted to The Daily Mail: "I told him I worked in a club. He then asked if it was a strip club.

"Then he said it was too cold anyway."

While observers noted the Prince was probably joking, one source told the Mail "It was typical Prince Philip, cheap joke or remark which lands him in trouble."

"Is it appropriate for a man of his age to make a strip club joke to a 24-year-old girl who is there with young sea cadets?"

The British have long had an obsession with the Prince's love of language and apparent inability to self censor.

Last year he made headlines for insulting a blind cadets choice of tie, and told a British newspaper "to work out how to operate a TV set you practically have to make love to the thing."