05/15/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jennifer Aniston On 'GMA': Talks Racy Gerard Shoot, New House (VIDEO)

Jennifer Aniston is still promoting 'The Bounty Hunter,' out Friday. She appeared on GMA Monday to talk about the movie and her costar, Gerard Butler.

"He's just lovely," she said. "He's sweet, down to earth, no pretension. It's kind of easy."

George Stephanopoulos asked Jen about shooting a recent W cover on which she and Gerard appear entwined in the dirt.

"That was actually one of the most uncomfortable positions!" she said. "My leg...that's asleep! Gerry's right foot's sound asleep. The pained expression on my face is kind of real!"

Despite all the times Jen and Gerard have posed and spoken as if they are a couple in the walk-up to their movie, Jen insists the attention is unwanted.

"We work really hard at our jobs. You don't want to be known as another tabloid face," she said. "It's almost like another job that you have chosen not to be a part of, a soap opera you did not sign up for!"

Jen also shares pictures of the beautiful house she recently remodeled for a lifetime of singledom.