Jordan Dibb To Walk 1,800 Miles For Haiti Relief

After being turned down by nonprofits that said he didn't have the proper training to volunteer on the ground in Haiti, 23-year-old Minnesota native Jordan Dibb decided to come up with a way to contribute to earthquake relief efforts without leaving the U.S.

Dibb started the 'I Walk For Love' campaign, announcing he would walk from his home in Farmington, Minn. to Miami, Fla. to raise money to support an aid organization in Haiti. Dibb selected Action Against Hunger as the recipient of the funds he raises and he hopes to be able to donate as much as $100,000. He plans to leave March 27 and walk an average of 23 miles a day, to reach his destination by July 4.

"This is definitely the biggest thing I have said I am going to do, and the biggest thing in my life that I am attempting to do," Dibb said.

Before his trek has even begun, Dibb has already collected $1, 765 on his fundraising page. Supporters can go to to learn more about Dibb's journey and make a contribution to Action Against Hunger.