05/22/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Kevin J. Long: Man Who Tried Bringing Knives To Daley Center Had 1,600 Knives, Guns, Names Of Officers And Deputies In His Home

A man who was arrested last week after attempting to bring knives into the Daley Center faces further charges after the Cook County sheriff's officers and agents from the U.S. Marshal's office found 1,600 knives and five guns in his Northwest Side home.

Kevin J. Long, 48, of the 4500 block of North Milwaukee Avenue, allegedly attempted to bring four knives into the Daley Center on March 16, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Long is on a judicial threat watch list, and is a convicted felon who has been arrested 18 times since 2000, according to a release from the Cook County Sheriff's office.

Long was previously convicted of intimidating a witness in a civil court case, and his arrest last week violated the conditions of his parole.

Aside from the massive weapons collection, Steve Patterson, a spokesman for Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, said officers found pieces of paper with "police officer and sheriff deputy names on them," the Tribune reports.

"There was nothing saying a specific threat against a specific person but it was certainly clear that he was documenting specific people's names," Patterson told the paper.

When he was caught with the knives last week, he told sheriff's deputies he was at a downtown sporting goods store that day and bought the weapons as gifts, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. He said he forgot the knives were still in his briefcase, and a receipt in his bag showed "he had spent $142.18 on the knives that day."

The Cook County Sheriff's office shared more of Long's background:

He has been out of the Illinois Department of Corrections and on parole since November. He got a 3-1/2 year sentence after an August 2008 arrest for intimidation, as he told a witness in a civil case he was involved in that he knew the witness had a child and "this is not over" until the day he dies, adding he would kill the child before then.


Among the charges is a March 2008 arrest at the Daley Center, where he was caught in a secure judge's chambers.

Aside from this history of threats, he was also arrested for public indecency for masturbating in public and arrested twice in 2006 for violating an order barring him from entering Northwestern Business College in Skokie.

Long's bond was set at $350,000 for his latest arrest, but he will be held without bond at the Cook County Jail since he violated the terms of his parole, the Sun-Times reports.