05/25/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Will Forte Talks Sticking His Tongue Down James Franco's Throat

Will Forte had a prolonged make out session with James Franco, who played his grandson in a recent installment of SNL's recurring 'Kissing Family' skit and he described it in a funny interview with Elle.

Elle: Describe your gayest moment that didn't involve knitting needles.
WF: When I had my tongue down James Franco's throat.

Elle: Oh, yes. You played the grandfather in that overaffectionate family sketch.

WF: I found out we'd be doing it the day of the show. I knew James a little because he'd hosted before, so it wasn't super uncomfortable. So I said, "I guess we'll be kissing. Let's really go to town. But we'll just pretend in rehearsal." But even in rehearsal he threw his tongue in I was like, Oh my God! I thought we were going to save it for the show! Then, during the dress rehearsal, I'm pretty sure there was more of his tongue inside my mouth than there was inside his.

Elle: So how did you react to having a mouthful of Franco?

WF: I delivered to him the appropriate amount of return tongue. Kissing is a give-and-take game. I gave a little and I took a little.