05/30/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

German University Offers Gladiator Course

A German university will soon give a group of lucky students the chance to play out their gladiator fantasies in an academic context.

According to The Local:

Twenty students from the University of Regensburg plan to live and train in the style of Roman gladiators from 79 AD and stage a battle for scientific research this summer, the project's Bavarian organisers said on Monday.

The student warriors, who are all studying various disciplines at the university, won't be eating pizza, hamburgers or steaks during their training. Instead they'll have berries and white beans on their plates as the ancient Roman doctor Galen recommended in his texts.

They will also learn to fight wearing bronze helmets that weigh almost five kilogrammes at a camp that won't allow girlfriends, showers, or washing machines.

The project is being funded by businessman Hans Schaller, a historical recreation junkie. No word on whether Helen of Troy will make an appearance.