HuffPost College Meets WhiteHouse.Gov: 'Open For (Student) Questions'


Nearly 150,000 votes later, we have a winner: Amanda Litman, the editor of North By Northwestern! Amanda has traveled with us to Washington D.C. to ask Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Director of Domestic Policy Melody Barnes about the Obama Administration's plans to increase minority enrollment in college.

Last week, we solicited questions from HuffPost College's newspaper network for an upcoming live video chat with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Director of Domestic Policy Melody Barnes. We asked the student journalists to engage their readers and find out what college students want to know -- about the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act specifically and the Obama administration's plans for higher education in general.

More than 20 schools participated in the initial ask, and we narrowed the pool to 13 stand-out questions. Over the weekend, we asked the school papers to find the students who submitted the stand-out questions and record them asking the questions. The finalist videos include students from Colby College, Towson University, Washington University, The College of New Jersey, the University of Texas-Austin, Northwestern University, Mt. Holyoke College and the Savannah College of Art and Design.

The video chat is streaming live on and HuffPost on Friday at 9:15 a.m. EST.

Below, watch a collection of the top questions:

HuffPost College Meets WhiteHouse.Gov: