06/09/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Shep Smith: Qatar Diplomat Was Smoking A 'One-Hitter' In Plane Bomb Scare (VIDEO)

Qatar diplomat Mohammed al-Madadi was apparently sneaking a cigarette in the bathroom of a Denver-bound flight when he foolishly joked to a flight attendant that he was trying to light his shoes on fire, which prompted a bomb scare and has resulted in al-Madadi being ordered out of the country.

The indispensable Shep Smith has new information on why he would make such a dumb joke: he was stoned!

According to Smith and Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge, al-Madadi was not smoking a cigarette but a pipe. To clarify further, it was a one-hitter:

Anyone else think Smith and Herridge are a little too earnest in their denials of one-hitter knowledge? Agreed.

Smith: Any more information on what was happening on that plane, specifically, Catherine, specifically?

Herridge: Well, one of the more, sort of, interesting details, and I heard this first from a diplomatic source who knows al-Madadi, is that he was not smoking a cigarette, but he was smoking a pipe, and I was certainly left with the impression that it was not the sort of pipe your grandfather might have had.

Smith: I heard it was a one-hitter!

Herridge: You know, I heard that, too. Of course I have no idea what that means.

Smith: Well, I don't either, but it's what it said there, and I'm like, ok, a one-hitter...
I'm just very curious, as I think most of our viewers probably are, what was he smoking up there... I feel like if it was weed or something, people on the plane would have noticed, smelled it, and called someone or something.